Substance Abuse Treatment Services

You may be feeling scared and overwhelmed. You or someone you love has an addiction that can’t be contolled. It has become physically, mentally and emotionally draining — a thirst that’s never quenched, a craving that’s never satisfied.

At Westbrook Health Services, our team of professionals understands the challenges of recovery. We know that addiction affects not only the individual but the family as well. Working with both the individual and family, Westbrook can help you and your loved one achieve freedom from addiction. There is hope, there is help, at Westbrook Health Services.

Outpatient Treatment Services include:

Inpatient Treatment Services include:


For further information call 304-485-1721

WV Substance Abuse Services Directory 4-18-2012

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Free Self Help and Support Groups

Alcoholics Anonymous 
AA Hotline: 1-800-333-5051 

Al-Anon Family Groups

Gambler’s Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous 
NA Hotline: 1-800-766-4442

Nar-Anon Family Groups