Staff Bios

Clarissa E. Coleman, MA, LPC,NCC,


Clarissa has a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and has experience working with individuals, couples, families, and group therapy.  She has specialized training in the treatment of trauma and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Clarissa works with children, adolescents, and adults and has experience with a wide variety of mental health concerns, including anxiety, depression, anger management, bipolar disorders, impulse control, psychotic disorders and personality disorders. Special areas of interest include LGBTQ, gender identity, anxiety, disorders, and anger management.


Nancy R Creighton, MA


Nancy earned her Master’s degree from Adams State University and works as a therapist at Westbrook. Previously Nancy served as Children’s liaison and STARS Liaison working with children and school in our 8 county service region.

As a therapist she works with children, families, and adults to develop their skills in order to live a life they find fulfilling. “I like seeing people of all ages realize their capacity to change, says Nancy. “My hope is that through our work together, each person is able to recognize their own strength and make the decisions that guide them towards a life that has meaning to them.”


Chrissy Jackson, MS, LPC

Supervised Psychologist

“I most enjoy how just the simple act of listening to someone can help someone feel better immediately and can make such a big impact,” says Chrissy. “I greatly enjoy helping people reach their potential by finding relief from mental illness and increasing their skills to handle emotions.”

Her specialties are trauma, co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders,
addiction counseling, eating disorders, family therapy, hoarding and anxiety disorders. Chrissy provides individual and group therapy and participates in treatment planning throughout the agency.

Chrissy graduated from Chatham University with her Master of Science in Counseling Psychology in 2012 and earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Shepherd University in 2006. She has been providing counseling in a variety of settings since 2006, including outpatient addiction counseling, family therapy, pre and post-partum support services, and adult offender addiction treatment. She uses a variety of treatment modalities including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Structural Family Therapy.


Susan C. Lamp, MS, LCSW, CAADC

Therapist II

“I enjoy helping others,” says Sue. “I love helping people create change in their lives to function more effectively.”

Sue has been with the Westbrook family for over 30 years providing individual and family therapy to adults, adolescents, and children.  She completed her Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation counseling from WVU in 1976.  Sue has 10 years of supervised training in structural family therapy and extensive training in autism spectrum disorder over the past 20 years.


Marcia Lang, MSW, LICSW

Therapist II

“Every day I enjoy walking through our waiting room and witnessing the courage and resiliency of our clients who are willing to tell their unique stories and acknowledge their struggles,” says Marcia. “I hope to promote a sense of our shared humanity and to help my clients recognize and claim their ability to change and grow.  It is an honor to do this work and I am blessed to work at an agency where our clients are respected and valued.”

Marcia assists people with mood disorders, anxiety disorders and severe mental illness and has a special interest in issues related to aging and coping with physical and cognitive issues. She conducts individual, couples and group therapy for our adult population.

Marcia received her bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from West Virginia University.

Kelli A. Nay, MS, NCC, Provisionally Licensed Counselor

Mental Health Therapist

“I am very passionate about helping people to achieve self-actualization and also helping them to manage mental illness and/or emotional difficulties,” says Kelli. “I appreciate the privilege of being someone who can be there to simply listen and accept each individual for the unique person that he or she is.” 

Kelli has a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and has experience working with individuals, couples, families, and group therapy.  She has specialized training in the treatment of trauma and eating disorders.  Kelli works with children, adolescents, and adults and has experience with a wide variety of mental health concerns, including anxiety, depression, anger management, bipolar disorders, impulse control, and psychotic disorders.  Special areas of interest include grief counseling, anxiety, eating disorders, and anger management.



Sarah O’Neill, MA


“I enjoy meeting new people and helping them through life’s challenges,” says Sarah.

Sarah received her MA in Counseling with an emphasis on Marriage and Family. She has worked for Westbrook as a therapist for 15 years; focusing mainly on children and families. She worked in the school-based mental health program in Pleasants County for 8 years. She currently sees children and adults in the St. Marys office and the Seventh Street office.  She also sees children at The Children’s Listening Place as part a collaboration with Westbrook.


Marilyn Pasquarelli, Ph.D, Licensed Professional Counselor

Therapist II

Marilyn Pasquarelli earned her Ph.D. in Counseling from Ohio University in 1989, with an emphasis on trauma and childhood development.  Her clinical focus is on children and adolescents and in the last 15 years she has focused on children with traumatic/ impaired attachment.  She works with children both out of the foster care system and foreign orphanages.  Marilyn has attended intensive trainings on attachment therapy and promotes the theme “Hope for Healing” in her work with these families.  Marilyn presented a workshop at the National ATTACH Conference in 2003.

In addition Marilyn is passionate about fitness.  She recently completed her Primary Personal Trainer Certification and is working on her Advanced Certification.  She believes there is a positive connection between exercise, the brain and mental health. She encourages her clients to do something physical every day.



Christa Raitz, WV-LPC and Ohio-PCC


“I like working with individuals from a variety of backgrounds and the diversity that this provides,” says Christa. “It gives me pleasure to have a job where I can make a difference in the lives of people and give them hope. I strive to help them more fully enjoy their day-to-day experience once we work together to reduce and manage their symptoms.”

Christa has a Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling, holding licenses in both West Virginia and Ohio and has been working at Westbrook since 2010.  She works primarily with adults in both individual and group counseling settings. Christa has experience working with individuals with a wide range of diagnoses and struggles including anxiety, depression, mood disorders, chronic mental illnesses, post-partum depression, grief and trauma.  She has co-led a General Mental Health group for several years and enjoys fostering relationships that help others recognize that they are not alone in their human experience.  Christa has additional training and experience in Grief counseling and Christian counseling techniques.


Rachel Scheiding, MSW, LICSW


I love helping clients work toward those insights, make their desired changes, and celebrate their successes,” says Rachel. “I hope to help people recognize and tap into their own strengths, develop self-confidence and self-worth, learn to communicate well, identify and meet their own needs, and have healthier relationships.  The more people who have these skills, the healthier our community will be.”

Her specialties are trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and borderline personality disorder. Rachel provides individual therapy and group therapy for clients with mental health and/or substance use problems.

Rachel completed her Bachelor’s degree at Ashland University in 2006, majoring in Psychology and Philosophy.  She moved to the Mid-Ohio Valley in 2007 and completed her Master of Arts degree in General Psychology from Marietta College in 2009.  She completed her Master of Social Work degree from Ohio University in 2013, and completed clinical supervision to earn her independent social work license in 2015.  She joined Westbrook in 2009, spending the first 4 years of her career working in crisis services, and the past 3 years working as a therapist.  She uses an eclectic treatment approach, including components of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and, most importantly, a person-centered approach with unconditional respect and positive regard for each client.



Trina D. Smith, MA

Supervised Therapist

“I really love knowing that I am helping others heal and helping to improve the quality of their lives.  I also like the kind and friendly people that I get the privilege to work with each day,” says Trina. “It is my goal to help others to improve their lives so that they will live life with purpose and joy.”

Trina Specializes in Children’s Therapy and School Based Therapy. She provides individual therapy to both adults and children and participates in treatment planning throughout the agency.

Trina graduated from Liberty University with her Master of Arts degree in Professional Counseling in 2015.  She has also earned a Master of Arts in Health and Exercise Science in 1999 from Furman University, a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education from Bob Jones University in 1992 and an Associates in Criminal Justice from Glenville State University in 2011.  She has been providing counseling since 2015 in the Outpatient and School Based Settings. 

Trina has also worked with the adult offender population and as a teacher, she is a licensed educator in both Ohio and West Virginia.  She also has four years of experience as a Special Olympics Coach/Volunteer, as well as with Camp Spearhead, a camp for mentally and physically challenged adults and children, located in Greenville, SC. 



Joshua Watson, MSW, LCSW

Adolescent and Adult Mental Health Therapist

“What I like best about my job, as a mental health professional, is helping people navigate life and be the best person they can be by improving their overall quality of life,” says Josh. “Working in the mental health field is incredibly fulfilling.  I hope to make a difference in the lives of those we serve by meeting my clients where they are, and remaining empathetic and patient as they create their own pathway through life.  Helping others become more self-aware, identifying and developing their strengths so they can overcome life’s trials and transitions.  Many times people benefit from support and guidance to make it through the challenges they experience at the various stages of life.”

He specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy, anger management, mental health disorders, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and adolescent angst.  Josh also has training and experience working with sex offenders and people dealing with other unhealthy, undesired sexual behaviors.   

Josh’s major job duties include individual therapy, group therapy, and occasionally marriage/family therapy sessions.  A big part of his day includes engaging clients during individual therapy and group therapy, including facilitating inpatient group therapy sessions at our Crisis Stabilization Unit two days a week.  Josh works collaboratively with clients, parents, probation officers, case managers and other therapist and doctors to best facilitate the treatment of our clients.  



Robert Wiseman. BA, MS

Provisionally Licensed Counselor

“I enjoy the friendly, helpful atmosphere within the Westbrook professional community and the variety of challenges and experiences the goes along with being a Professional Counselor, says Robert. “ I hope my clients will have a better understanding and outlook on themselves and their life than they did when they arrived.”

He earned his Bachelor’s degree from WVUP and his Masters of Science in Professional Counseling from Grand Canyon University.

As a Provisionally Licensed Counselor, Robert provides Therapeutic/Counseling services for people in our community.