Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (I/DD)

Meeting the needs of family members with developmental disabilities is a challenge.


It’s important to know that there is help to assist individuals and families facing the challenges of mental retardation and autism. At Westbrook Health Services, we help make the most of every day with care, assistance, support and information.

Our programs and professional services improve the quality of life for those with developmental disabilities and for those caring for their needs.

The Intellectual and Developmental Disability Division provides a comprehensive array of evaluations and interventions for children and adults, utilizing a team approach.

The IDD division employs a tremendous group of individuals committed to meeting the needs of our participants. Ongoing training and educational opportunities are provided to support staff.

IDD Services include:

Service Coordination

Service Coordination (SC) ensures accessibility, accountability and continuity of supports and services. Monthly home visits are required. Monthly home visits must be conducted in order to receive reimbursement for services.

Therapeutic Consultants

A Therapeutic Consultant (TC) develops training plans and provides training about needs to direct support staff and families. Participants are not required to have a Therapeutic Consultant but a participant’s assessed training needs must be addressed in the IPP (Individualized Program Plan) .

Behavior Support

Positive Behavior Support Services are provided by a Behavior Support Professional who develops skills and maladaptive behavior training programs, train direct care employees and families, develop positive behavior support plans, and develop adaptive behavior plans.

Environmental Accessibility Adaptation

Environmental Accessibility Adaptation (EAA) is a physical adaptation to home or vehicle. The purpose of this service is to maximize accessibility to the home or vehicle.

Facility-Based Day Program

 Facility-Based Day Program is a structured program that uses meaningful and productive activities designed to promote the acquisition of skills or maintenance of skills outside the home.

In-home and Community-based services

 In-home and Community-based services provide training and/or support activities that enable participants to live in their homes and inclusively participate in their community. This service may be provided by family members or staff.


 Respite is designed to provide assistance/relief to the primary caregiver. Respite is not available in Intensively Supportive Settings (24/7)/Group Homes, medical hospitals, nursing homes, psychiatric hospitals or rehabilitative facilities.

Supported Employment

 Supported Employment helps participants to engage in paid, competitive employment, in an integrated community setting.


Transportation (Miles) and Transportation (Trips) is utilized to transport to the site of a planned activity or service which is addressed on the IPP (Individualized Program Plan) and based on assessed need.

Psychological Evaluation

Psychological Evaluations are usually requested when there is some question about what might be troubling a particular person, or to gather information about a person’s current emotional well-being, psychological or personality make-up, or academic and intellectual functioning. Psychologists assess, diagnose, prevent, and treat problems associated with the human mind and behavior.

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric Services are designed to assist recovery and manage mental illnesses.

Program Planning

 Program Planning is central to the services that a participant receives. Developing the IPP (Individual Program Plan) is the process by which a participant is assisted by their Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) to decide what needs to be done, by whom, when and how and to document the decisions made by this planning team. The content of the IPP is guided by the participant’s needs, wishes, desires and goals and based upon assessed needs.

The Family Support Grant

The Family Support Grant assists families with funds for home modifications, adaptive technology, transportation and other needed supports and services.

West Virginia Family and Community Support Application

IDD Office Locations:


3307 Emerson Avenue         409 Professional Circle              227 Clay Road
Parkersburg, WV 26104      Ravenswood, WV 26164       Spencer WV, 25276

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